Kolhapuri Saaj

Known for its unique appeal, intricate designs and grandeur, the Kolhapuri saaj has always been popular among women.

Please see all the product images by clicking on the product to get a better view and see how deeply the saaj pan's has been crafted. Match it with a kolhapuri thushi for a complete look. Click here to view our thushi designs

And to keep to the new trends and make it more wearable, the saaj makers are constantly experimenting with the jewellery, giving it the modern twist.Traditionally the necklace is made of 21 leaves or pendants but contemporary wearers prefer 10 to 12.

 A 21 Pani design-portions mostly, comprise avatars of Vishnu, and symbols of ashtmangal.  In line are panch panadi (holy leaves), bel leaf (leaf offered to Lord Shiva), bel plant (a plant of three united leaves), ridge gourd (symbolic of all plants), karle or Bitter gourd (life-giving herb), Sun, manik panadi (a gem, symbolising friendship), matsya (fish, or incarnation of Vishnu), Koorma (incarnation of Vishnu), Narasimha (incarnation of Vishnu), rose, beetle, chandra (Moon), emerald, gandbhairi (symbolising unity of husband and wife), morchel (symbolic of kingdom and richness), peacock feather, shankha (Conch), wagh nakhe (tiger nail, symbolising power of weapons), and snake (symbolising union). Other symbols that are used could also be kamal (lotus), kasav (tortoise) and bhunga (bumble bee) arranged in any avialable manner to give in a traditional look.

We have a large wariety of kolhapuri saaj ranging from 10 Pani To 21 Pani with single design panadi saaj and multipule design panadi saaj to suit customers need

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